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Why we do it



With the creation of our high CBD blends, we've made it possible for many children and adults to experience what superior CBD can do to increase their quality of life.


Progress has been proven in our own son, who was diagnosed with Idiopathic Generalized Epilepsy at the age of 3.  (He is the reason we are here today.  The reason we advocated for hemp and introduced CBD cultivation to the state of Kentucky.)



Pharmaceuticals brought him dangerously close to organ failure. He suffered from a variety of side effects (tingling extremities, inability to regulate temperature, hair loss, weight gain/loss, cognitive delays and everyone’s favorite – mood disorders) until we were able to produce our high CBD extract. Now he is completely off all his AEDs (anti-epileptic drugs) and free from their harmful side effects.  We have our son back.


Each day we wake up excited, knowing we are working to help someone else in a similar situation. We strive to raise awareness of the amazing, natural and beneficial qualities of CBD. Our hope and life’s work is that CBD will become a standard treatment— returning the quality of life to those who are suffering from conditions that CBD shows so much promise in alleviating.


CBD shows promise as a miracle worker for many conditions, BUT it is also a great addition to every health conscious person’s diet due to its strong anti-inflammatory, anti-ischemic, anti-bacterial, and many, many more health-supporting qualities. The more we learn, and the more it’s studied, the more promise CBD shows as a true miracle in human health.



A little bit of history


Cannabis sativa has been known to humans for many centuries for its medicinal benefits, and was a listed as a pharmaceutical in the United States for almost one hundred years. Add to this, a highly profitable hemp industry in the United States going as far back as our founding fathers. Kentucky was at the center of the industrial hemp industry which saw its height in the 1850s.



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The future


With constant quality coming from farmers in states like Kentucky, more research and advancements will be made. We expect more CBD products on the market soon. While CBD may not help in every case, we believe CBD will become the gold standard “Go To” for safe treatment for the symptoms of numerous conditions. In order for more access to be obtained and hope to be delivered, our legislators need to be educated on the true benefits of each variety of Cannabis; not told fairy tales and stories of magic beans.


Parents and people looking for CBD can rest assured that if they order from us—their product has come from a legal, reputable company, federally authorized to cultivate and produce high CBD products that have been independently tested by an independent, industry lab for quality assurance.


We do all this because, our family depends on our extracts for relief and quality of life and we know you do too!





About Kentucky

Cannabis Company


We are proud to be one of the first of 6 projects granted permission to cultivate hemp in the state of Kentucky. While we have a lot of work to do, our most important mission is: To create high quality, CBD products for those seeking the relief that full Cannabinoid spectrum products provide.




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Our story:


With our son, CBD has been amazing in helping Colten get his life back. After his diagnosis of epilepsy in 2009 at age 3, he suffered from hundreds of seizures a day.  With no other choice at the time, we tried several pharmaceuticals - each with their own dangerous side effects - but we never stopped looking for alternatives. After being introduced to CBD in 2010, we researched it extensively and knew it was what we and other families like us needed for our children.  Five years later… five years spent dreaming, planning, and advocating, we started our first crop in Kentucky and created Genesis Blend. Colten is now living a med-free, seizure-free, side-effect free life.



Your stories:


This CBD Oil has helped our son tremendously. It is the best thing that has happened to our family. He was at a point of having 300 plus seizures daily, while on many different seizure medications. These medications were not helping our son at all, in fact, they were hurting him.


He was so incoherent and not gaining any relief. After starting this CBD Oil, he is now more interactive and almost seizure free!



Grateful mother and daughter in Kentucky!


My mom (63) has been using this CBD just under 2 months. She'd been struggling with issues from Ramsay hunt syndrome (3 years, affecting her balance & mental clarity). She also suffered with pain in her knees, so much she wasn't walking well & began shuffling her feet for balance. Turning corners disoriented her; all of this slowed her down, causing depression. She complained of no energy. Had been seeing doctors for 3 yrs w/only meds w/terrible side effects and didn't get her back to normal. In 24 hours, she had a clearer head, & was taking normal strides. She couldn't believe the relief in her knees. Balance, attitude & energy all improved. She's stopped some meds (anti-anxiety). We are beyond grateful that KCC is providing this CBD oil! It's the 1st time in 3 yrs she's felt and acted like herself. I'm 33, frequent headaches & asthma. Went from taking meds twice a day to rarely a headache. 1ml of CBD relieves the issue. Energy level up, no need for inhalers! Highly recommended!




Paige is doing very well since we increased the CBD oil.  We have noticed a difference in her anxiety.  She is also tolerant when she normally would not be.  She dropped a glass and it shattered at her feet but she did not over react.  She stayed calm and allowed me to clean it up without incident.  She is now more expressive and is communicating appropriately.  We are excited and hopeful in her continued improvements!


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