We are the cultivator, processor and producer of the highest quality, full Cannabinoid spectrum, American hemp extracts available.


We are a privately-owned, fully-integrated family business.


Not only are our American hemp genetics bred specifically for their cannabinoid and terpene contents, we also cultivate them ourselves.  We grow under organic practices using clean cultivation methods. Water/ nutrient levels are quality checked on a routine basis. We incorporate an Integrated Pest Management program that uses biological beneficials to manage unwanted pests instead of dangerous chemicals.  


The blooms are run through a hydrocarbon distillation system to capture an extremely safe and effective cannabinoid-rich resin. Our process ensures the cannabinoids, terpenes and other active compounds are dissolved and captured within it, while at the same time eliminating nonessential elements - guaranteeing a purer final product.  



Bluegrass Hemp Oil’s final products are tested using independent, industry labs before delivering to your front door.

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