Amazon vs. CBD Oil

Amazon Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil

If you’re like us, you probably head straight to Amazon when looking to order certain

products online. It’s convenient, usually fair priced, and if you’re a Prime member you get free 2-day shipping! So why not go that route for your CBD oil? Here’s why:

Amazon has strict policies regarding CBD products and do not allow the sale of products that contain a sufficient amount of CBD. Many of the products that come up when you search for “CBD Oil” on Amazon are simply hemp seed oil. They will even go to the extent

of putting serving suggestions on the bottles with a milligram content. The bottles will usually claim something like “1000mg Hemp Extract” and the nutritional facts will say 33.3mg of hemp extract per mL. These amounts will vary by product but be assured they are NOT CBD OIL. This pertains to all hemp products on Amazon including topicals.  

Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil

While hemp oil is a great nutritional supplement, it is usually derived from cold pressed hemp seeds and contains very little if any cannabinoids. CBD is still technically a hemp-derived oil, but it is instead harnessed from the blooms of the plant. Hemp seed oil does not provide the same therapeutic benefits that CBD oil does.

Fake CBD Oil

A recently published article has stated that there have been numerous cases of consumers getting ahold of “fake” CBD oil and causing many issues ranging from hallucinations, altered mental status, seizures, loss of consciousness and more. Some of these products were found to be laced with a synthetic cannabinoid known as 4-cyano cumyl-butinaca (4-CCB) and absolutely no CBD content. Federal health officials stated that these fake CBD products poisoned more than 50 people in Utah alone during the winter of 2017.

Moral of the story: Make sure you are getting real CBD oil and know where it’s coming from! Rest assured that if you purchase from Bluegrass Hemp Oil, you’ve got those bases covered. 

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All of our products contain less than .3% THC under the 2018 Federal Farm Bill. 

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