Bloom-crafted Rollers


150 mg CBD

When you’ve got a sunnies-on, shades-shut, kind of headache, reach for our CBD-rich eucalyptus and peppermint roller. It eases the muscles and mind behind your peskiest pain when you need it most.



150 mg CBD

Deep breaths and a couple swipes of our CBD-rich stress-relieving roller will help you find your center when things get stressy, and you know they will. Lime cools and refreshes mind and body, while bergamot brings you back down to earth for an experience so chill you’ll forget you’re at the office, or wherever stress hits you the hardest.



250 mg CBD

Say goodbye to restlessness when you use our extra strength, lavender bloom-crafted roller. Let your mind and body quiet down as you get ready for bed, so falling fast asleep becomes your new normal.

Bloom-crafted Rollers

  • Roll onto temples, crown of head, inside of wrists, behind the ears, or soles of feet. Use as needed, and massage into skin for faster absorption.

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All of our products contain less than .3% THC under the 2018 Federal Farm Bill. 

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